Book carts

The price of the book return machine includes a spring-powered book cart. The height of its bottom is adjusted according to the weight of its contents. The cart is made of durable and light materials, aluminum and polycarbonate, which guarantees its long age and effortlessness to move around.


In this cart, the bottom is electronically adjusted. If the cart is loaded with light items, such as magazines or CDs, the whole capacity of the cart can be utilized by descending the bottom, and it doesn’t need to be emptied so often. When emptying the cart, the electronically adjustable bottom is ergonomic: the bottom can be adjusted to the optimal height for the worker using it. The adjustable handle also adds to the ergonomics.


As is implied in the name, this product is designed with ergonomics as the foremost quality. The ergocart organizes the items in piles, from which they are easily sorted to the appropriate shelves. The electronically dipped bottom enables the adjustment of the height of the book piles according to the user’s working position.

Our book return machines can be supplemented with different kinds of book carts. All the cart models are compatible with our older book return machines, such as the Tuomas model. All our book carts also have large ball-bearings equipped wheels that turn 360 degrees, which makes moving the carts effortless. In designing the carts, special attention has been paid to reserving items in good condition.